Wednesday, 3 August 2011


This Ski is going to be the ski everyones talking about next season with a V shape, it looks like a surf board, the BBR is a playful and a fun all mountain ski. The wide nose tip floats beautifully in the powder and the narrow waist grips like a carving ski.
In my opinion it will be our best seller of the season because it’s fresh and exciting, and early ski test feed back has been very positive.

Some of the shop staff have skiied on it, and absolutely loved it!

Chris from the shop said, 'it skis well in all conditions, steaming down a red or cruising in the powder!'

Check out the reviews of the ski!

For the people who ask what’s ’’B.B.R’’ mean this is the name of the designer Beber (aka BBR) his inspiration come from all gliding sports on snow or water and he previously designed the originals,
the famous Xscream and Pocket Rocket

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