Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Water Hydration Review Geigerrig

Geigerrig Review

When I first saw this ‘pressure’ hydration system I have to admit to seeing it as a bit of a gimmick.

However after a weekends walking with it in Snowdonia, I’m now fully converted.

It differs from the usual ‘bladder’ system by having a secondary air bladder alongside the water bladder. This is pumped up with a rubber bulb pump (similar to the old blood pressure measurement device) and pressurises the water in the bladder, so that when you bite on the mouth valve you get water sprayed out of the mouth piece under slight pressure.

Like me, you are probably thinking ‘Gimmick’, but the Geigerrig really came into its own when walking. Uphill normally leaves me a little out of breath and often sucking on a normal bladder slightly exaggerates the breathlessness, meaning that you don’t probably drink as much as you should be. Getting the water gently delivered into your mouth with no sucking makes drinking very easy and I found myself taking a sip at frequent intervals, and, on reflection, in all sorts of situations where either getting a water bottle out or sucking hard would have inhibited me.
Perhaps it all sounds a bit minor, but like most things, the benefit often comes from the attention to detail, and that extra ease of taking in water is, in my mind, very well worth while.
Geigerrig advertising promotes it with “Spray to Drink”- obvious; “Spray to share” – a good thought particularly if its sharing with the dog; and if its really hot, “Spray to Cool”, as it can act like a mini shower!
A great product!

The Geigerrig Rig 700 is an 11 litre pack with a 2Litre water bladder

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