Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Never get lost again! New Products, new season!

Anyone looking for new gadgets? Well I just found the device for you!

Check this amazing piece of kit out, just sampled it, and it looks the business, and is packed with features too!

due in to us on the 17th September the Garmin Fenix GPS watch,

 Its the most anticipated multi activity watch out... EVER, it combines pretty much the garmin Etrex AND MORE, in watch form, It has an automatic callibrating compass, barometer and highly accurate barometric altimeter. It comes with a usb charger, waypoint selector and my personal favorite: bluetooth connectivity to transfer all route maps from smartphones to watch, or log your activity and send it to your smartphone.

It's Fully waterproof and i'd imagine like most garmin GPS' can take a few knocks!!

Garmin say 

With built-in GPS + ABC (Altimeter Barometer Compass) functions, fēnix gives you all the navigational tools you need in a rugged wristwatch - keeping your hands free for when you need them. Get accurate readings on your location no matter what position your wrist is in or how dense the foliage is around you.

Track log 

Why travel familiar paths? Go further... Expand your boundaries and reach out for higher goals. Know where you've been and where you want to go without worrying about getting lost. As you move, Tracklog displays a trail of "bread crumbs" to easily track your position. And if you lose your way, the Garmin pioneering TracBack™ function will guide you safely back along a good visible and easy to follow trackline.

The tools that give you 100% confidence you'll need for your adventure - all in a rugged wristwatch.

Navigational Tools

Set up navigational activities to plan trips, create routes and record waypoints. Download routes from the BaseCamp™ desktop application or create them by marking your favorite spots as Waypoints - parking space, trailhead, mountain shelter, summit and more. And, best of all, fēnix will route you along your path with a clear visible navigational arrow or a track line

All in all at £344  it isn't cheap but its got so much in it, its difficult to ignore.


JUST IN - Jamie Nicholls Pro salomon Rider from the UK his new board just dropped - looks sick in orange, the picture doesnt quite give it justice but its worth a look. New ski section coming October 2012!

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