Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Knowledge? Its not a trick! Training with the master

Ever wondered how your local Southwest ski and snowboard shop seem to know everything there is about ski's?

Well here's an insight: we use it, we do it, and we test it!

The godfather of salomon Eric davis going through the range
What Eric doesn't know about Salomon and skis... its not worth knowing! 

He will also be down to speak to during a weekend in november or december so keep an eye out for our Salomon promotional weekend

Next Up: we got the oppurtunity to test out the new Salomon 360 degree shell for ourself.

we baked them in the oven for 10 minutes till we could actually squeeze the shell to deformity.

Then we let them shape to our feet. 

The fit was pretty incredible

Our boot oven being put to use
Our resident french technician Anthony getting to grips with the max 100

My own Trial of the Max 120 - amazing fit

 Next up we tried out the brand new Salomon Guardian Touring binding that has amazing torsional rigidity as well as the release mechanism used for getting up the trickiest of descents

Guardian Binding and the Quest max 120 boot (quest boot has its own walk mode) specially designed for ski touring

using the Element vario pole thats specifically designed to work with the binding.

Fully extended!

 All In all the new product is exceptional.

 Pop in, have a look, and have a chat!

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