Tuesday, 15 July 2014

First Truro Methodist Beavers Demonstration Evening

First Truro Methodist Beavers

On Thursday 26th June 1st Truro Methodist Beavers arrived at Penrose Outdoors for an out of hours demonstration on various camping equipment. The evening started at 6pm and lasted for an hour. 

The Beavers were split into 3 groups. Group 1 were shown a demonstration of putting up a tent, group 2 were shown how to pack a rucksack and group 3 got to test the Wayfarer Food range. Each demonstration lasted for 20 minutes and the groups then alternated so everyone had the chance to participate in each demonstration. 

The evening was a huge success and enjoyed by all! If you would like to arrange a scout or cub evening, please enquire instore or write us an email at enquiry@penroseoutdoors.co.uk, or even drop us a Facebook post!

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