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Ride Helix Snowboard 2015

Ride Helix Snowboard 2015

Ride Helix GoodWood Winner 2015Asymmetric design
The new Helix, from Ride snowboards, is the latest installment of the Ride and Akomplice Collaboration series. At a first look, you will notice something unique about its shape that differentiates it from other boards; this is its' “Asymmetric Hybrid Twin Shape”. With the understanding that your ergonomics of your toe and heel side are different, so why should your side cuts be the same? As a result of this, the Helix comes with a much deeper side cut on the heel edge. This helps to make any terrain your dealing with feel more natural and much more balanced. This helps ensure that riders can keep an aggressive style on any feature in the park.

Carbon Array 3 Logo
As for Technology, the Helix features some of Ride’s latest snowboard technology to assist in performance.  Firstly the Helix has “Carbon Array 3”, which features three widespread carbon stringers that are underneath the top sheet at the binding zone. Carbon Array three gathers input from any stance width and all pressure angles, this rider input is then channeled to the opposing contact point to provide extreme board control on any environment.

Slime Walls LogoAdditionally the Helix has Ride’s exclusive sidewalls, “Slimewalls”. Ride’s Slimewalls are much more forgiving ductile that your average boards, absorbing impacts rather than defending against them. The Helix' Slimewalls can absorb those impacts on account of the sidewall’s Urethane construction. The urethane also helps to reduce the effects of chattering dramatically and ensure that you get the best out of any riding surface.

Danimals on the Helix

Providing the Helix with its aggressive snap and responsive snap is Ride’s “Pop Rods 2.0”.  Pop rods are essentially a camber construction on the baseline, assisting in providing smoother landings, increased pop, and added snap all without any additional stiffness. This is perfect for any rider aiming to fully snap around in any rotation and pop out of any rail feature with ease.

The Helix has also seen great success in the competitive snowboard scene. Team rider Yuki Kadono, has been riding the Helix for the 2014/2015 pro series and continues to ride even the Helix even now. Yuki Kadono has good results on this board in the X Games and Air and Style competitions. With a Gold in La, a bronze in Innsbruck Air and Style competitions and another bronze medal in the X Games Big Air Final.

Overall, The helix is a great in the park with its freestyle construction, providing riders with the technology and board feel for any park feature. However the Helix’s freestyle construction also allows for riders to take it anywhere else whether it’s jibbing around the mountain or you name it. This board is packed with tones of technologies to improve performance in any environment, headlined by its unique Asymmetric side cut making shredding that much better. The camber baseline really helps to keep a long lasting snap to the board, also maintaining its high responsive feel.

At Penrose we can confidently recommend the Helix for any rider looking to have progress in the park and anywhere else on the mountain. The technologies included in the Helix make it a high performance durable board that’s going to last as long as you will.

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