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Slingshot Wakeboards & Bindings

Slingshot Wakeboards & Bindings

Slingshot Wakeboards & Bindings

New for 2015, Penrose Outdoors now stocks a range of wakeboards and bindings from Slingshot with unparalleled craftsmanship, pro-rider lead design and ridden by some of the world's best riders such as James Windsor, Oli Derome and Corrie Dyer. Whether you’re riding behind a boat or hitting a cable park Slingshot have a board for every rider. Here at Penrose Outdoors we currently have the Windsor, the Oli and the Whip wakeboard in stock, as well as the KTV and R.A.D bindings.

Full Columbian Gold wood cores provide great flex performance and compression response and the sweet, eye-catching 4D graphics make the boards stand out from any other boards on the market. Slingshot's Columbian Gold wood core has the highest compression response ever used in a wakeboard. Their wakeboards are also extremely environmentally friendly, using wood from local and sustainable forests. No PVC, Polyurethane foams or airborne solvents are used in the boards manufacture at all and the use of plastic top skins made from oil have been eliminated. And, for full green credentials, all the electricity used in the factory is created by wind and hydro-power.
Slingshot Windsor 2015 Wakeboard

Slingshot Windsor Wakeboard 2015

Named after pro Wake boarder James Windsor, Slingshot debuted the Windsor in 2014 and it's back for 2015. It has a medium flex between the feet helping the board maintain both shape and speed on high impact landings. The tip and tail channels help the board lock in for edging into air tricks and the ES base offers a controlled slide on the obstacles. Suitable for intermediate to expert level, the Windsor is perfect for all around rail park shredders awaiting big presses and additional traction for hard edging and air tricks.

Slingshot Oli Wakeboard
Slingshot Oli Wakeboard 2015
Named after pro rider Oli Derome, the Oli board features subtle hourglass channels combine with chinned rails in the tip and tail to create big acceleration into the wake. The medium flex pattern is the perfect crossover between boat and cable riding, allowing for great presses in the park and an ultimate behind the boat performance. Aeronautic technology; the NACA TECH channels water like a vacuum from the centre to the tip of the board increasing the board speed and grip to the water, giving the rider edge control and reduced drag. The Oli is ideal for intermediate to expert riders seeking dynamic edging, maximum pop and soft landings in both park and riding applications.

Slingshot Whip Wakeboard 2015

Packed with loads of new features and the ability to crossover between boat and the park, the Whip has been fully re-invented for 2015. The new design allows maximum finless traction while creating a smoother base and more contact surface for riding features. It is softer in the tips, which allows NACA TECH and cupped rails to press flat on obstacles for a better slide. Fantastic for the intermediate to expert riders who value powerful pop, controlled traction on edge, clean release off the water and ultra-efficient speed on and off edge.

Slingshot KTV Wakeboard Boots 2015

The high performance KTV wakeboard boots use a Velcro closure system instead of laces so there is no time wasting when putting the boot on/taking off. The straps are lighter, strong and thinner to allow for more efficient tightening and a better flex in the boot. The KTV also have a bottomless base system for an unmatched foot to board connection.

Slingshot R.A.D Wakeboard Boots 2015

You’ll certainly get noticed in the eye-catching blue R.A.D. wakeboard boots. Form fit for maximum comfort and performance, designed for both boat and cable riders. The dual zone closure system combines a laced lower with integrated Heel Hold Down System and a Velcro upper zone to allow for a completely customised fit. Slingshot’s bottomless base system creates the ultimate in foot to board connectivity, providing an improved "feel" on the water.

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