Monday, 18 July 2016

Coleman Battery Lock

New Coleman Battery Lock!

Battery drain and erosion are both a hiker's, and a family camper's, idea of hell. Imagine, it's 3am, pretty chilly out, everyone is asleep and typically, you are desperate for the loo.

You go to pick up your torch and flick it on to the lowest setting, and nothing happens. You take the batteries out with the purpose of rolling them around a bit hoping to coax just a bit more power out of them, and as you take them out of the torch, you feel the unmistakable crusty, flaky feel of rusty, corroded batteries.

This leads to you tripping over every item in the tent, falling on every sleeping person and fumbling around, blind as a bat, trying to find the zip... 

All because you didn't check the batteries!

Well, Coleman have now got you covered for situations like this. Whether the batteries have drained themselves or corroded, Coleman's brand new Battery Lock system quickly and easily disengages the battery, without you having to physically remove them and then, undoubtedly, lose them! 

Starting at a very modest £19.99 (Duracell batteries included), this collection of lanterns, hand held and head torches are sure to be paving the way for prolonging battery life in no time! 
Standard electric lights lose their power over time, even if they are turned off. This is because the battery is still in contact with the connection points of the torch, meaning it slowly but surely drains the power from it. 
Coleman's new system is patent pending, but it means that with a twist of the hand, this problem is solved, and battery loss will become a thing of the past!

Check out the Coleman section of our website, or have a look at our full range of torches (both hand held and head torches) here

If you have any queries on how this works or why it happens in the first place, give us a shout and we will do our best to enlighten you! 

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