Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Berghaus Stormcloud Jacket

Berghaus Stormcloud Jacket

The Stormcloud jacket from Berghaus is the perfect option for those looking for an extremely lightweight, versatile, waterproof jacket, which doesn't lack on style and is incredibly eye catching. Designed for both men and women, this neat little jacket is the perfect accompaniment for walking around town, the beach or on a full blown hike.

The jacket features an adjustable hood with draw cords at the back and sides so the hood can be drawn around the face to keep out any wind and rain. At the font of the jacket you will find two zipped hand pockets with ample room to store your mobile, wallet or any other bits you may have on you.
Mens Stormcloud Jacket Carbon

Womens Stormcloud Jacket
There is a traditional Velcro adjustable cuff tab on each sleeve and there are also draw cords on the inside of the jacket so that the hem can be adjusted-preventing any gusts of wind finding its way inside.

The jacket is made using the AQ2 technology- essentially made up to two parts; the inner and outer. The outer has a durable, water repellent finish, which makes the jacket completely waterproof and breathable. There is a polyurethane coating on the inner of the jacket. 

Not only is the Stormcloud windproof and waterproof, the AQ2 fabric is also extremely breathable. This allows for any build up of heat you'd get through walking and exertion to escape through the fabric, helping to regulate your body temperature. 

With a weight of just 285g, you won't get weighed down by this really light jacket! It also comes with a net compression bag so when the sun comes out and it's too warm for a jacket, just simply roll it up and store it in the bag. This will minimise space in your rucksack or just makes it easier to carry rather than having it draped over your shoulders or wrapped around your waist. 

The coloured zips and draw cords featured on the jacket are of a contrasting colour, adding striking detail to the jacket.

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