Thursday, 6 August 2015

Thermarest Tréo Chair Review

Thermarest Tréo Chair

To be honest its not often something exciting happens in the world of folding chairs but the arrival of Thermarest's Tréo chair is most definitely an exception. Thermarest have deconstructed and then re-designed the camp chair from the ground up, and in doing so they have created something really quite interesting.

Thermarest Tréo chair assembly

The Tréo comes packed in a hard plastic case that is roughly 26 cm by 11 cm and weighs just over 1 kg which isn't amazingly light, so this isn't a chair for ultra light backpackers. Then again its not that heavy either and will suit general campers as well as wild campers in need of a seat other than the floor. Packed, it looks neat and not unlike a time capsule, giving no hints to its true purpose. When opened, the contents look more like the ingredients of a small tent rather than camp chair. However the poles and Nylon seat are easily assembled and what resides is a remarkably comfortable chair. The bucket shaped seat can take up to 113 kg and the composite tripod legs feature non slip feet suitable for use on sand, dirt and rocks. The seat is also positioned at a sensible height making getting in and out of the chair easy. While similar looking to butterfly-style camp chairs that have been around for a long time, Thermarest's effort is definitely an improvement that is comfortable, looks cool but at £82 maybe a little expensive for some.
Thermarest Tréo chair

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