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Vango 2016 AirAway Awnings

Vango 2016 AirAway Awnings

Vango have released their range of 2016 AirAway AirBeam awnings for both caravans and campers, earlier than usual due to the high demand of last season!

Vango is a British company with 50 years experience in the outdoor world. They have been the market leaders for ages, and after 12 years of development, in 2011 the AirBeam was introduced.

The AirBeam's attraction is that all awnings and tents in the range have inbuilt beams encased in a highly robust, double-skinned sleeve system that creates a stable structure when inflated. The beams inflate in a matter of minutes, and every      model is weather tested, ensuring that they are of  exceptional quality, highly durable and most importantly, waterproof. The awnings all come with a kador strip, meaning they can attach to many different fittings, including J-rails, wind out rails and awning channels.

So what's new about the 2016 range?
With Vango's new Sentinel fabrics, the range of denier within the awning models is much larger, spanning from 70 denier to 420, making the 70 super lightweight, and the 420 super durable!

Vango have also introduced the Galli, which is a larger, more usable space for an awning than ever before. They have also discarded the Sapera, developing it into the Kela Deluxe, which is of a higher quality and features a new removable, zipped sun canopy.

Watch our reviews of all the models written about on our YouTube video here.



Previously, there were two models of the awnings, the Standard (205cm to 235cm) and the Tall (235cm to 290cm), however due to popular demand, this year they have introduced the Low model (180cm to 210cm) across the range - a height which is better suited to vans such as VW Transporters and Mazda Bongos, which the AirBeam drive away awnings are most attractive to. Some awnings have also got different widths, accommodating the larger family and vehicle. 

IDRIS II AirAway Awning

The Idris is the lightest in the range, with a lightweight, 70 denier fabric, perfect for people who are on the move. It comes with a convenient carry bag, and the choice of attaching additional bedrooms. The Idris is small enough to be convenient, yet big enough to give a usable living space. It has a linked-in groundsheet, increasing air circulation within the awning and reducing condensation.

The prices start from around £380 for the Idris, and it is best suited for camper vans, motor homes and smaller caravans, making it ideal for fairweather campers who will only be using it now and then, or serious campers on a budget!
The Kela comes in all size ranges possible, making it easier to tailor to your needs. Starting with the Low and ranging to the Tall, the Kela also comes in an XL Standard version - nearly 1.5 meters wider than the others. This provides any family with the space they need, while being made of 420 denier double ripstop fabric giving it the robustness it needs, not just from the elements but from those destructive humans otherwise known as children!

The awning also features Vango's patented TBS II (Tension Band System) to keep the awning stable in bad conditions, and for when the weather is looking better they have their own pockets into which they can be tucked away neatly. These protective measures are reinforced with a set of storm straps and a bracer beam (connecting the two main beams), ensuring maximum comfort and peace of mind when the wind picks up. The sewn in groundsheet makes sure that when the ground is wet, your feet are not!

Inside, the awning has zipped privacy curtains, with a door on each side of the connection tunnel, making a perfect area for storage and it will help keep the awning and your vehicle clean and dry. 
Starting prices are expected to be around the £500 mark, which is a steal for such a robust and versatile awning!

Both the Idris and Kela are available to view (as last years models) on our website!


With all the same basic features as the Kela, the Deluxe boasts a longer living area with a detachable sun canopy adding another meter onto the awning. It also has huge windows at the front, so even when the sun canopy is not in use you can still benefit from both the views and the daylight.

The Kela Deluxe comes in two different widths - the 310cm Low and Standard, and the 380cm Standard and Tall, like the Kela allowing you to tailor your awning to your needs. 
The Deluxe 380 models have the option to convert into not 1 but 2 bedrooms side by side, perfect for the bigger family.

From £730, the Kela Deluxe makes camping an easy, practical luxury, with the size of a bigger awning minus the hassle of putting it up!

Watch our video review of this years Kela and the Kela Deluxe here.

GALLI AirAway Awning

The Galli Awning is new to the AirBeam awning range this year, boasting nearly a 5 meter length that runs down the side of the vehicle, giving a huge living area while utilizing the space on the campsite pitch. This awning is a perfect example of Vango's design skills, with it being contemporary and innovative while still being effective and versatile.

Made from the 420 Denier, this awning is just as strong as the Kela models, while having the option for 1 or 2 bedrooms at the rear of the awning, still leaving room for living space at the front. 
Flexibility is one of the most important factors in a drive-away awning, and with a side door in the connection between the awning and vehicle, that is what the Galli gives. As with the Kela, this separation also helps to keep both awning and vehicle clean and dry, and gives extra space for muddy wellies!!

The Galli is available in the three main heights, ranging from £800 to £850. This awning gives you a lot of stability and space for your money, and it is sure to be a quick seller this season!

All of last seasons van awnings are available to view on our website, Vango and otherwise! Check them all out to get an idea of what this years stock will be like...but bigger and better!

Caravan AirAwnings


The modest Rapide focuses on quick inflation, low weight, convenience and an innovative design. It features just one Single Superbeam, paired with the strong Comfort 150 fabric and a bracer beam in order to give sufficient stability with an amazingly fast pitching time. 
The single beam has a much larger diameter than the regular ones, so don't be put off by this. It is a quality that is particularly attractive to people who are frequently on the move, as it only weighs 17.9kg in a small pack size. 
Although small, there is an option to upgrade from the 250cm length to the 350cm - so people who require just that bit more space can benefit from its low weight as well. For a small awning, it also has 2 large diamond windows at the front, flooding the living space with light, but with zipped up curtains for when the weather isn't quite so pleasant to look at!

The Rapide comes in at £375 for the 250 and £430 for the 350 - considering the fabric and the speed of inflation, a brilliant price for a lot of quality!!

To see more pictures and information on all of last years caravan awnings (and this years when we get them!), visit our website here.

Rapide 350

Rapide 250


The most renowned of Vango's awnings, the Varkala has been enhanced this year with the 420 denier ripstop fabric, making it more robust than ever before. It's pre-bent beams mean that this seasons' model has a more practical and usable living space. It has also been given massive windows and as with the Rapide, the zipped curtains - useful if you choose to add in the optional bedroom space. All side windows have a full mesh option, meaning you can get the fresh air without the bugs! 
2016 also sees the Varkala with new front doors, giving you total flexibility with the doors able to be unzipped from the top, rolled to the side or even fully removed. 
As well as the optional bedrooms, there is the choice to add hanging storage and a hanging coat rail in order to maximize the space.

The Varkala does come in 4 different sizes this year - the 280, 360, 420 and 520, however at Penrose Outdoors we aren't stocking the 520, but if you think the 520 is the one for you then simply let us know and we can get one for you with no issues. The awning starts at £650 up to £750, giving you a brilliant all-rounder that caters for any family size.

If you are interested in ordering the Varkala 520 from us, please click here for our contact details!

Varkala 420
Varkala 280


Introducing the Kalari! The most luxury of all Vango awnings this year, the Kalari is made of the incredible Sentinel Luxe 600 denier fabric, providing protection from the most extreme of conditions and a sensational level of quality. Similarly to the Varkala, the Kalari utilizes the pre-bent technology - except it is paired with the extra stable Superbeam. This gives this exceptional awning more usable space and makes it the most secure of Vango's range of awnings. It features huge vista front windows with a curved shape, giving both excellent views and great living space. Like the Varkala, the multiple openings of the doors give great flexibility and also include the zipped privacy curtains. With lantern hanging points, diamond clear windows and mesh side windows with PVC covers, the Kalari is all of Vango's best features rolled into one amazing, premium package. 

For an extra £200, you can elevate the Kalari even further by adding a blackout annex on the side - meaning you don't have to compromise on space if you have more people than usual staying with you. 
At £900, the Kalari isn't cheap but that doesn't mean it's not great value. The fabric alone is worthy of a price like that, never mind all the small extras that turn camping into glamping! That price is for the 420 model, however Vango are producing a 520 model as well, and as with the Varkala 520, if you want it, we will do our utmost to get it for you!
View last years model of the similar Varkala on our website!
Kalari 420 with Annex

Kalari 420

We will be getting all awnings featured here in store in February 2016 - so keep your eyes peeled, or if you're super keen to get one before they sell out (which they did surprisingly quickly last year!), give us a ring (01872 270213) or drop us an email ( and we'll stick your name on one as soon we get them in!
If you have any questions about any of our products, please don't hesitate to get in touch and ask - there will always be someone around to give you quality, knowledgeable advice!  

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