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Vango AirBeam tent ranges 2016

2016 Vango AirBeam Tent Ranges have been released!

Vango's AirBeam range has been increasing in popularity year on year due to the ease and new improvements that are rolled out every season.

Similarly to last year, Vango have developed three different collections, and
at Penrose Outdoors we are stocking tents from every collection and will have some up on display in our tent showroom.
These clearly tiered ranges give you clarity and helps out in your decision making - something that can be quite tricky when faced with so many different options!

The AirBeam tents are totally inflatable - this means no messing around with poles, and if need be, they can quite easily be put up by just one person. All the tents have pre-attached beams encased in a highly robust, double skinned sleeve system that creates a stable structure when blown up.

Vango AirBeam Excel

This range offers great quality inflatable tents at affordable prices - perfect for camping on a budget! All tents in this range utilise 70 denier polyester flysheets, making them strong but very light, and increasing their attractiveness to the travelling camper! All the bedrooms have a decent amount of storage, and are standard sizes, giving each person 60cm of room. Every tent has a mesh door - allowing you to let your tent breathe without having your bedroom full of bugs! Each beam also has a lantern loop fixed onto it, giving you more usable space and further increasing these tents' versatility.

Vango AirBeam Exclusive

The next step up from the Excel range, all the Exclusive tents have the features of the Excel, and loads more. These tents are designed in an eye-catching sky-blue, and have been bumped up to a 150 denier flysheet, making them much stronger than the Excel range. Everything in the Exclusive range has a front extension, and every entrance has a mesh door rather than just one, giving you much more flexibility. The bedrooms are king-sized (70cm pp) with zipped dividers. The storage is also stepped up a notch in this range, with Vango's registered pelmet system giving you a finished look and practical storage, and all curtains zip up to make your life easier. 
The Exclusive range also gives you the option to purchase add-ons for your tent to make it your own. These include zip-on awnings, roof covers to protect the tents from UV damage, and fitted carpets which will really enhance both the feel of your tent and your comfort when living in it.

Vango AirBeam Elite

These tents truly are the pinnacle in camping comfort, utilizing luxury materials and design processes. With the polyester models using a 420 denier double ripstop and the polycotton using a 65% cotton/35% polyester mix, quality, strength and solidity is at the heart of these of tents. You can feel this sense of quality with the tents, and this is why they are so much more durable than other tents. In order to increase their stability even further, this year Vango have introduced the new Super Beams, which have a 30% larger diameter and help to support the weight of the solid fabric as well as giving extra strength when the winds pick up!
These top of the range tents are absolutely packed with small features that give them its luxury, and really shows off Vango's attention to detail. 

Airbeam Excel Collection

Solaris 500

The Solaris is a three beam tunnel tent, with a combination of inflation and poles. The three main beams are inflatable, but there is a large sun canopy which doubles the living space that is put up using a pole - however having this up is only an option. The Solaris has dual entry, both front and side, and with the sewn in groundsheet and pitching time of just 8 minutes, this tent is ideal for families and friends looking for comfort and ease.
At just £500, this is a tent that will last fair weather campers years, and provide endless holidays!
Solaris 500 Floor Plan
Solaris 500

Capri 400/500 (Last Seasons)

The Capri 400 and 500 are last years models - however the only things they are missing from this years is the lantern hanging points and the slightly different colour. This tent is perfect for long weekends, and with 3 beams it is deceptively large. The huge windows increase this sense of space by flooding the living area with light. This is a brilliant tent for family campers, with the outside and inside living areas being big enough not to feel cramped. The Capri also has the dual entrance, and like the Solaris, has an unbelievably quick pitching time of 8 minutes - perfect for when the rain is threatening!!
With the 400 at £320 and the 500 just £80 more, the Capri is suitable for any family size holiday!

Capri 500 Floor Plan
Capri 500

Centara 800

The Centara is perfect for families with older children. The separate sleeping pods are placed at opposite ends of the tent, giving parents a rest and kids that bit more independence. The design is really effective, with a large living area giving you plenty of space. The Centara boasts king sized bedrooms, dual entry and a sewn in groundsheet for £800 - a great deal for so much tent with so many beneficial features!
To bring this tent up to the next level, you also have the option to purchase extras, such as a standard side awning, and a carpet and footprint to make your tent feel more like home!
Centara 800 Floor Plan
Centara 800

Taiga 600XL

The Taiga sits at the higher end of the Excel range, enabling you to get loads more tent for your money! This tent is perfect for families on longer holidays, with the option to create a single or double living space, depending on which suits you best. The Taiga features an amazing multi-purpose outdoor space, with an awning with two doors so it can be either fully open, part open or even totally rolled back to make your tent open plan! With king-sized bedrooms and the sewn-in groundsheet, £750 really doesn't sound like much for the amount you get - and all this with a pitching time of 10 minutes!
Taiga 600XL
Taiga 600XL Floor Plan

Palermo 800

New for 2016, the Palermo 800 features ingenious design which gives you all the felxibility you could want, Like the Centara, this one is brilliant for the older children - there are 3 different sleeping pods giving them space away from you and vice versa! These pods surround a large, bright central living area, giving you plenty of space for eating, relaxing and storage, The dual entry also adds to the flexibility of the tent, and with a sewn in ground sheet and multiple lantern hanging points, this tent is perfect for the larger group, either couples or families (or both!) to spend a longer holiday in without feeling cramped! The pitch time is 10 minutes on average, and for £950, you have your trips away sorted for a long time!
Palermo 800 Floor Plan
Palermo 800

Rivendale 800XL

This big, bright and structurally sound tunnel tent consists of 5 beams, giving you piece of mind in higher winds, and the built in extension allows you more living room than some of the other tents. The massive windows help to lighten this area, and the awning itself gives you extra use of your campsite pitch. The high quality fabric is matched with noticeable attention to detail throughout the Rivendale, such as the pelmets over the bedroom entrances, proving the tent with an all round neater look and extra storage space. This tent boasts the King size bedrooms we don't see with the Excel range, and the extra step up in quality really shows for not much bigger a price tag at £1,000.
Rivendale 800XL Floor Plan

Rivendale 800XL

Inspire 600

The Inspire won Camping Magazine's Best Inflatable Tent Award last year - and rightly so. The Inspire is one of, if not the most popular AirBeam tent, and with its thicker fabric, new clolourway and larger beams for greater stability, it is looking set to rise in popularity even further this year! A handy tent tidy is included, and with huge living space, a covered front and a roller bag, the Inspire is all you need for the perfect trip away. The price for the Inspire is to be confirmed, but it's looking at around £1,150, just £50 more than last year with a whole lot more features!

Inspire 600
Inspire 600 Floor Plan

Illusion 800

The Illusion was hugely popular last season, and will be even more so this year with its updated standard! It's attractive design and huge amounts of space give you multiple options with sleeping arrangements. There is space for 6 people at the rear of the tent, with an extra 2 person inner tent for guests, larger families or simply that bit more privacy. The side entrance has a slight overhang, so that if the door is left open and the weather comes in, it wont run down directly into the tent. The Illusion has been updated to the 420 denier ripstop fabric, making it much stronger and long lasting than last years, and with triple entry, a Riser Groundsheet in the front porch area, pelmets and a roller bag, you are getting a great tent for great value at £1,200.

Illusion 800

Illusion 800

Rhapsody 800XL

Make way for the mother of all AirBeams! The brand new Rhapsody is the absolute top of the range in luxury inflatable tents, with a canvas rather than polyester flysheet giving it ultimate durability, breathability. and strength. The lightweight new polycotton has a very intricately designed weave, giving a stronger feel to the tent, reinforced with the new SuperBeams, and the polyester ripstop groundsheet. The Vango Vista windows enable panoramic viewing, great for camping by the coast or on the moors, and that's the great thing about this tent - you can take it anywhere, at anytime and have full faith that it's going to stay standing. Its structural integrity is simply amazing, and it's all topped off with its large, pre-attached awning. If you want a luxury, robust stay that takes minutes to put up and down, the Rhapsody is the way forward, at £1,500. 

Rhapsody 800XL Floor Plan
Rhapsody 800XL


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