Friday, 19 February 2016

If Arc'teryx made ski boots they may look a little like this

Arc'teryx Ski Procline Touring Ski Boots

It may not have been a surprise to some, but we were definitely taken aback when our Arc'teryx representative dropped by with a pair of their new Procline. After all, until now they haven't seemed to be interested in producing hardware for any of the outdoor activities they provide technical clothing for. Let's not forget, it's not run of the mill clothing they produce either. All their gear is massively technical, incorporating laminated fabrics developed alongside industry giants such as GoreTex and pioneering ergonomic fitting garments unlike any before them.

Enter the Procline ski boot. The overriding first impression is just how slight they are compared to regular ski boots, looking no bulkier than a typical mountaineering boot. It's true purpose is given away by the hard shell encasing the lower half of the boot and of course, two buckles. The buckles are the only remotely typical parts of these boots, everything else is, well, anything but typical. A "revolutionary" two piece carbon fibre upper cuff system offers movement both vertically (75°) and laterally (23°) when in touring mode. This is quite unusual in a touring boot, normally only allowing movement in a vertical, forward lean motion. To be able rotate on these two axis will make not only touring more comfortable but full on mountaineering possible in ski boots. So where there may have been a need for two pairs of heavy boots, mountaineering boots to climb and ski boots to descend, the Procline's can perform as both. When it comes to locking into your skis and charging back down the mountain a carbon fibre rear plate supplies all the support and rigidity needed for a demanding run. To top it all off the Procline houses a GoreTex, fully waterproof liner that breathes whilst offering maximum protection from snow and water ingress. Needless to say with all the carbon fibre in these boots they are incredibly light, like crazy light weighing as little as 1.19kgs.

As Arc'teryx themselves state these boots are "built for technical ascents and big mountain descents" and as long as you can afford them they are undoubtedly going to be the touring boot of choice for many backcountry skiers.

You can find Arc'teryx clothing here:- Arc'teryx  & our ski boots here:- Ski Boots

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