Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Littlelife Traveller Premium Child Carrier

Littlelife Premium Traveller Child Carrier

This brilliant new design of child carrier is every parent's dream. Gone are the days of wrestling with a push chair in the airport (not to mention paying a fortune to have it put in the hold of the airplane!), with the LittleLife Premium Traveller, you will be able to breeze right through security and on to the plane - wearing it either as a rucksack or child carrier. LittleLife have designed this particular carrier to fit the carry-on luggage requirements of most airlines. This means that whatever the time of your flight, your child will have somewhere to sleep (even if you don't!), and by popping them into the rucksack when you get through security, there will be no worries about them running off and getting lost. Suitable for children between six and thirty-six months, the Premium Traveller holds a lot more weight than you would think, allowing it to last you through many holidays with your young child.

This carrier's benefits aren't just restricted to within the airport. Once you get to your destination (or even just at home), your kid can run about until they crash, where you can then just open the backpack up and pop them in - rather than lumping around a massive metal framed baby carrier all day in case they get tired out. 

The Traveller Premium does also function as a backpack when the child isn't in it. It comes with a large front pocket, with a laptop/document pocket within it and plenty of space for extra clothing, water bottles and food. The small front pocket comes in handy for easy access change, passports or boarding passes, and towards the top of the bag there is a handy D-ring to hang toys off. Weighing just two kilos, this carrier really isn't much heavier than a standard backpack.

With regards to the actual usefulness of the carrier itself, the Traveller Premium comes with a hidden sturdy frame, giving it structure when the child is in it but not making it cumbersome and uncomfortable when the carrier is not in use. With many adjustable straps, top grab handles and LittleLife's patented X-buckle harness, this carrier is just as stable and comfortable as you need it to be. They have also added on another toy hook inside the carrier, for ease of access by your precious cargo, and a Gruffalo head rest pillow, making sure that when they do insist on running off in busy airports, there is something to distract them when you put them in the carrier.

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