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MSR Hubba Hubba NX & Elixir 2 Tents and Hiking Stove Review

MSR: Newsletter to Brand Leader

Mountain Safety Research (MSR) was founded in Seattle by engineer, Larry Penberthy (must be a Cornish boy!) as a newsletter in 1969. As a lifelong mountaineer, his mission was to improve mountain safety by making better and more reliable mountaineering equipment that would in turn "unlock greater adventures". Safe to say that nearly 40 years on that goal has been realised. Trusted by top mountaineers and explorers such as Levison Wood (Walking the Himalayas) MSR's core range of dedicated backpacking tents, stoves, water treatment and snow tools are second to none.

MSR Elixir 2 Backpacking Tent

The Elixir 2 is a truly versatile, freestanding tent that can be pitched in a number of ways to suit the environment your in. From fully pitched (above left) to fast and light (above right) which solely utilises the flysheet and footprint that comes as standard. This tent also boasts great livability for a backpacking tent, with optimised headroom throughout the tent due to the symmetrical pole geometry. There's also enough room for two air mattresses side by side which is more generous than many other two man backpacking tents on the market.

Other features include two vestibules for storage, one on either side of the tent. Two large, "StayDry" doors that have drainage channels to direct rain water away and prevent being dripped on when entering or exiting the tent. Colour coded aluminium poles, aluminium stakes (pegs) and plenty of ventilation via mesh panels and kick stand vents integrated in to the flysheet.  If more storage space is needed an Elixir Gear Shed is available that increases the size of the vestibule area.

Colour coded aluminium poles, clips and webbing make pitching the Elixir 2 incredibly easy. The poles are connected by a hub to further aid the pitching process.


Fast & Light Minimum Weight w/ footprint: 1.61 kg
Minimum Weight: 2.1 kg 
Packed Weight: 2.64 kg

MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2 Backpacking Tent

The Hubba Hubba NX 2 is one MSR's best selling tents and has received critical acclaim as well as an 'Outside Gear of the Year Award' in 2014. With similar features to that of the Elixir 2, such as dual vestibules for storage, ventilation and 'StayDry' doors the Hubba boasts a minimum weight of just 1.54 kg. This is achieved in part by the poles' unified hub system which replaces two main two poles seen in the Elixir, whilst retaining the strength that crossing poles provides.

The Hubba can also go 'fast and light' when the flysheet is pitched with an optional footprint, which unlike the Elixir, does not come included. There is also the option to add on a Hubba Gear Shed, which effectively doubles storage space if packing light isn't an option.

These backpacking tents are an amazing option for those who are after a low weight, high performance tent at a price which is far lower than many other specialist tent manufacturers.

Windboiler Personal Stove System

Featuring award-winning Reactor technology, the Windboiler stove is perfect for solo travellers, backpackers and wild campers. 
The enclosed design and Radiant burner allows this small stove to cook much quicker than conventional burners, making it popular for those who are going to be out in exposed conditions - especially strong winds. This enclosed design, paired with 100% primary air combustion and internal pressure regulator, makes the Windboiler virtually untouchable from the outside elements.

This design of the radiant burner and heat exchanger also makes it extremely efficient, meaning not only quicker boil times but greater fuel efficiency compared to convector stoves. This efficiency in design is furthered by MSR with the quick and easy self storage of the stove, which all packs into itself and features a handle on the outside, which can be used as a mug handle and makes it easy to carry. The PackTowl, canister stand, stove burner and the 110g fuel bottle (sold separately) all fit neatly and easily inside the 1L pot, which not only means that you get great space economy but also means that you're not as likely to lose bits due to them being stored separately.

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A brilliant option for any outdoors enthusiast, the MSR Windboiler is a market leader and a product which cooks rapidly, efficiently whilst taking up minimal space in your pack. The price also means the brilliance of MSR is open to everyone - at just £110 this stove is a steal for what it is! 

MSR Windboiler Coffee Press Kit

For just £21.00, you can also turn your Windboiler into a proper cafetiere with the MSR Coffee Press Kit. With a durable stainless steel strainer dish and a flexible gasket, this add-on is sure to give you the freshest brew possible.

The whole set lies flat and will sit in neatly with  all the other components, meaning you don't have to be without your morning cuppa!

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MSR PocketRocket Stove

The humble pocket rocket is the epitome of an all-rounder. With a tiny pack size, an incredibly efficient adjustable flame, the ability to boil 1L of water in 3.5 minutes, and all this with a tiny price tag of £29.99!
At just 85g, and standing at only 4 inches tall, the PocketRocket is super light and super compact, making it perfect for any traveller, whether you need to pack light or not.

Although the PocketRocket looks as though it would not fare well when exposed to the elements, it features a small yet practical Tri-Sectional WindClip wind shield, protecting the flame and allowing it to burn as hot as possible even when exposed to the elements. 

With a hard shell carry case and the low maintenance needed for this brilliant stove, the PocketRocket isn't going to need to be wrapped in bubble wrap when taken out - it is a robust and wear-and-tear-proof design that will withstand all the abuse the trail can throw at it!

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MSR WhisperLite Universal Stove

Labelled by MSR as 'the ultimate, hybrid fuel backpacking stove', the WhisperLite stove can switch between gas and liquid fuels and offers great simmering capabilities. The stove also features the groundbreaking, patent-pending AirControl technology, maximising the fuel and air mixture with each fuel type, giving the WhisperLite not only brilliant performance but makes the most of your fuel too.

The upgraded chassis of the WhisperLite is extremely lightweight (326g when unpacked), yet surprisingly sturdy. With the stainless steel legs, giving the stove excellent stability and a refined design, the WhisperLite really is everything you could want in a backpacking stove.

Despite it's ability to utilise practically any fuel you can find, the WhisperLite is unbelievably easy to clean. The self-cleaning Shaker Jet technology and redesigned leg assembly allow rapid cleaning and even easier maintenance out and about! 

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Here at Penrose Outdoors we also stock other MSR accessories, such as the fuel bottles and canisters, pole repair splints and maintenance kits. The reasonable prices for excellent products makes MSR a great choice for anyone who is serious about their kit's performance, and wanting to know that when they go out, they can rely on their products!

Check out all our MSR stock on our website, or contact us with any questions or queries! 

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