Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Best Walks in Cornwall!

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As everyone knows, Cornwall is one of the UK's favourite same country holiday destinations. Famed for it's dramatic coastline, huge beaches and rolling fields, there really is no where else like it in the country. 
Whether you're here to relax, sightsee or spend your holiday taking surfing lessons, you can guarantee a walk of some description will be on the cards - even if it's just to the next village over for a pint!
At Penrose Outdoors (based in Truro, Cornwall's only city) we pride ourselves on the local knowledge we can offer to tourists, and can let you in on some of the best kept secrets in the county - the amazing walks that Cornwall has to offer.

Although we can't deny that spending every day on the beach is wonderful, these walks will take you away from the crowds and give you a view of Cornwall that usually only the locals get. We will posting new routes up all the time, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled and check back! The first few will be iconic, dramatic walks that capture the surface of Cornwall, before we take you into the country lanes and farmers fields that make us proud to call Cornwall home! 

Check out 1 and 2 now, and get ready for a summer full of incredible Cornish walks!

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