Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Best Walks in Cornwall - Loe Pool

2. Circular walk around Loe Pool - 6.2 miles

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Leading on from the Arthurian legend of Tintagel takes us to the Loe Pool and Bar just outside of Helston, a lake separated from the sea by a sand bar. This pool is said to be the lake in which Sir Belvedere threw King Arthur's sword Excalibur, with Lord Alfred Tennyson writing this in his work Idylls of The King. The bar that intercepts the sea and the lake is a huge sandy beach where dogs are allowed all year, however we wouldn't recommend swimming off it as there is limited lifeguard coverage and the rip currents are notoriously strong! This walk links up coastal with inland woodland, taking you through the picturesque gardens of Penrose House, a national trust property with a cafe and the old mansion dating as far back as 1281! 
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This is an easy walk with wide paths mapped out for you - perfect for kids to run riot and you to soak up the beautiful scenery surrounding the lake - but if you do think that six miles is a bit much there are other choices that focus more on Penrose House and don't go out as far as the bar, with several car parks dotted around the whole route. However, if you want to circle to whole lake, take one of our baby carriers out with you and pop the little one in it once they've run their little legs off! 

To get even more of your fix for Arthurian history, have a look at our previous walk - a must do for anyone with an interest in history!

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