Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Best Walks in Cornwall - Tintagel

1. Tintagel (via the Castle) - 2.4 miles

Tintagel is one of the most famous English Heritage sites in the country, due to its historic links to the legend of King Arthur. The ruins of the Castle paired with the dramatic coastline makes this and indeed any walk around Tintagel a breathtaking one. Starting from the visitor centre in the small village of Tintagel, this walk takes you past King Arthur's Great Halls, a sort of museum containing many pieces link to King Arthur and The Knights of The Round Table, with 72 glass windows illustrating Arthurian legends. The path will then take you on to the castle itself, with many options for diversions onto the beach where you can try and spot the newly carved face of Merlin the wizard in the cliffs, or just explore the castle. Although this walk is short and most of it is easy, if you do choose to explore the castle there are many steps on uneven terrain, and it is position on the cliffs, so you may want to think twice about taking your dogs on this one!
Up on the cliffs it can get fairly windy as well, so keep hold of little ones if the weather does look like its about to turn and invest in a windproof jacket - but this weather will only enhance the medieval Gothic atmosphere of the intriguing heritage site! This walk is perfect for families with little boys and girls who love learning about heroic knights and damsels in distress, and for parents who have an interest in history, incredible views or a good country walk!

If it's more medieval history you're after, but perhaps a bit further south, our walk no. 2 is for you!

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