Tuesday, 10 June 2014

A Friday at Penrose Outdoors

It's not everyday you go into work and by 11am you're paddling around the River Allen in overly large waterproof trousers in a kayak. But today the staff at Penrose Outdoors had the chance to test out Point 65 North's New Modular Apollo Solo Kayak in the river running alongside the shop. The Apollo is a fun, versatile, sit-on-top kayak, which is stable, comfortable and strong. Find the video here.

The kayak splits into 2 sections, each measuring 55 inches, which snap apart and reassembles in seconds! You can also snap in the mid-section and your Solo transforms into a high performance Tandem. It is extremely easy to carry and effortlessly fits into the back of a small car, so forget wasting time with a roof-rack and that back-breaking struggle to carry the kayak to the waters edge, spend more time enjoying the important things....like paddling along the water in the beaming sunshine!

 This kayak gets a 10/10 for maneuverability! 

Being a lover of kayaking, I jumped at the opportunity to test out the new model. Chris, Jody, Lee, Ed and I all had a go on the kayak and we all noticed how stable and safe the kayak felt. At no point did I feel like I was going to topple in whilst paddling around, and there was plenty of leg room, as well as a padded back rest which maximised the comfort of the kayak. 

As you can see from the picture above, I didn't fall in, crash into anything and managed to stay dry, all thanks to the kayaks' great stability! I even managed to pick up a bit of speed! Next time I will remember to put my life jacket on though! 

Jody decided to take the kayak for a paddle under the bridge!

Ed is having fun (and being very brave) testing out the stand up paddle board.

Overall, it has been a really fun day at Penrose Outdoors. Not every place you work do you get to have a hands-on experience of the products, but we all know you can't give a real and honest opinion without simply getting in and having a go- just another day in the life at Penrose Outdoors!

The Apollo Kayak is available to pre-order now! Please check out our video of the Apollo Kayak below.
 Apollo Kayak Demonstration

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