Friday, 13 June 2014

Gain For Your Group

Working Together for New Kit.

Devoran Explorer Team receiving their medals for completing the 35-mile route.
Congratulations to the Devoran Explorer team on getting their medals, for successfully completing the 35-mile route of the Ten Tors.

Penrose Outdoors is proud to have always been sponsor of the Devoran Explorers, supplying fleeces and gear over the years.

If your group is interested in being supported by Penrose Outdoors, then please have a look at our Gain for Your Group program and see how you could earn money, or kit for your group when any member of your team spends with us. Normal discounts still apply!

Every time you or group member shops with us you are entitled to your group discount on purchases as well as building points for your group. Every £1 spent your group earns 1 point, every 100 points is worth £2 in cash-back, £4 discount on store purchases or a £4 gift voucher at the end of the year.
Just register the group with us, get your members shopping, and at the end of the year we'll send you a group statement. Then you can decide whether to take the cash-back or buy some shiny new gear for the group.

We have some great stories of Scout groups being able to buy kit for their team at no cost, because they have been actively encouraging they're members to remember to tell us which group they are from when purchasing their expedition gear.

If you would like more information on this scheme please contact us at the store via Email or phone using the details below.

Email :
Telephone : 01872 270213

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