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Child Carriers

 Child Carriers

Adventures are for everyone, the young and the old. Even those with little ones should still be able to enjoy their outdoor pursuits, carry all their gear, take their children with them and not let any of this slow them down. And with a child carrier, all of this is not only possible, but made a lot easier.

What you’ll use it for

Child carriers are useful in a range of different ways other than simply being able to bring your child along on journeys with you. You can use your child carrier to store and hold all the essential gear you need or could possibly require while out on trips with your kids, whether that’s toiletries, spare clothes, or even just your lunch for the day.

What you’re looking for in a Child Carrier  

Getting a child carrier can be somewhat confusing, as there are so many variables to consider; What brand ? What style ? What size ? What extras ? Well, to start with, we stock four brands of baby and child carriers. We stock these as they all have different models to cover all bases when it comes to child carriers.


Bushbaby Elite Child Carrier £186.99 

The Elite Carrier offers greater versatility, with the ability to pack it flat for travel and remove the changing bag.  It includes all the accessories for a full day out; sun canopy, raincover and sleep pillow. The Elite has a clip-off changing pack, a new pack-down frame designed to make the carriers smaller when stored or in transit.

Deuter Kid Comfort Air Child Carrier £152.99

Maximum ventilation for the wearer is guaranteed by the proven Aircomfort back system, while the kids enjoy the “air conditioning” provided by the mesh material on the sides of the cockpit.  The stable frame construction ensures a safe stand when loading the child. And with the side access the kids can also climb in and out of the seat independently.


LittleLife Freedom Child Carrier £135.99

The LittleLife Freedom is ideally suited to long rambles or the whole day out with the children. The adjustable AirFlow back system adds more comfort, keeping the main pack away from your back when walking, increasing the comfort and the heat on your back. The large base compartment has plenty of room for nappies and clothing, and the top pocket is perfect for drinks, snacks, wipes and other essentials.


Vaude Headrest £8.50

Flexible and soft head support that can be attached to child carriers, this addition is particularly useful when the baby or child falls asleep and can no longer support their head. 

The main aspect to consider, really, is “Is your child comfortable?”. After that, most differences come down to how you want to use you child carrier – be it for quick walks or more arduous treks. The specifications to decide between could consist of any of the following: Foldout stand support, foot loading anchor point, rain/sun-cover compatible, and more.

How to choose the right Child Carrier for you 

When deciding which capabilities and extras you’ll need from your Child Carrier, the first thing to work out is what you’ll be mainly using it for. If you wanted a child carrier just for short one-day walks, then you’d probably be looking for a lighter weight model, one with fewer extras that you don’t necessarily need. Whereas, if you wanted something for longer walks, then chances are that you may be taking more items and gear with you, so you’d be better suited with a child carrier that has a larger capacity of storage space.

Any Questions

If you do have any questions about child carriers and how to choose the one that best suits your needs and requirements then please don’t hesitate to contact our enquiries email address, or even visit us in store where we’d be more than happy to help you find the child carrier right for you. 

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