Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Summer Essentials

Summer is finally here, Hooray!

It finally feels like summer in England and this glorious weather seems to be sticking around (finger's crossed!) Summer is the season for BBQ's, camping, trips to the beach and spending as much time as possible in the great outdoors. 

Penrose Outdoors sell a range of products to help you make the most of the warm weather- from comfortable walking sandals to keep your feet cool, portable BBQ's to cook those yummy burgers on at the beach or campsite, and even a sand-free rug to save sand from getting everywhere!  

Planning to do a lot of walking in the warm weather, but want to avoid wearing hiking boots that could make your feet hot and sweaty? Why not try a pair of walking sandals! You don't need to lose out on comfort and protection, as the sandals we sell are packed with features to guarantee exceptional performance, fit and style.

Keen Clearwater CNX Men's Sandal

Keen Clearwater CNX Men's Sandal £74.99
The Clearwater CNX Men's Sandal features a quick-drying webbing upper, whilst following KEEN's traditional sandal style. The contoured arch will support your foot and the unique design of the sandal will minimise weight whilst maximising toe protection. An ideal sandal if you're in and out of the water!

Weighing just 285g, this lightweight sandal is designed to provide total comfort and connection with the ground beneath your feet.

Teva Capri Universal Ladies Sandal £59.99
Teva Capri Universal Ladies Sandal 

This stylish ladies sandal combines both luxurious leather and Teva's Universal Strapping System- resulting in a sport-worthy sandal that looks completely at home in urban landscapes. The sandal's contoured EVA foam midsole will provide lightweight comfort and support and the adjustable ankle strap will ensure a perfect fit.  Additionally Teva's Durabrasion Rubber will give you durable traction and grip.

So not only does it look great, this feature packed sandal is also extremely comfortable-superb if you are wearing them all day and wanting to avoid achy, tired feet.

Finding shelter at the beach when it get's that bit too hot can be tricky, especially if you have little ones and the midday sun becomes unbearable. A beach shelter is a fantastic option as it will ensure protection from the sun, wind and light rain, without blocking the wonderful beach views.

So whether you're using the shelter as an efficient space to storage beach towels and belongings, creating a shaded play area for young children or even just want protection at the beach in case of any unexpected changes in the elements- take a look at Penrose Outdoors' wide range of Beach Shelters and pick yourself up one today!

Easy Camp Ocean Pop Up Beach Shelter
Easy Camp Ocean Pop Up Beach Shelter £28.99

Popping open straight from the circular carrybag, the open-fronted design with integral groundsheet in durable polyethylene ensures complete protection on three sides from sun, wind and light rain without blocking the view!

The shelter comes in its own handy carry bag for easy transportation, it can be popped up in seconds, it's great value and even weighs less than a kilo! An all around fantastic little addition to your beach kit to ensure you a stress-free, relaxing day soaking up the rays.

Easy Camp Surf Beach Shelter

Easy Camp Surf Beach Shelter £19.99

An easy to set up, unobtrusive shelter that's great for day trips or for picnics on the beach, protecting you from unwanted breezes or sand blown up by gusts of wind. A Modern version of the traditional windscreen which provides plenty of shelter from the wind whilst you sunbathe or have a picnic.

Sand at the beach can be a complete hassle. It seems to get everywhere and in everything- from your beach towels to your sandwiches, and even a week after your trip to the beach you're still finding sand in your bag!

CGear have designed a sand-free multi-rug which features a patented construction, allowing particles to fall through the rug, without coming back up. Genius right? We all know how uncomfortable going to the beach can be, but this rug is the ultimate solution for avoiding mess and discomfort!

CGear Multirug 2 Person £46.99
The CGear Sand-Free Rug minimises sand, dirt and dust carried into your outdoor environment through the unique, patented weave and construction CGear has developed.

Simply lay the rug on the beach and any sand that falls on the rug will fall through the mats weave unassisted by the vibrations caused from the wind, or by your movements. If a large clump of sand falls onto the rug, just wipe your hand over it once and the sand will go straight through!  The unique weave creates a 'one way sift' ensuring sand, dirt and dust directly underneath does not penetrate the top surface, only the particles at the top go through to the bottom.

It's a gorgeous summers evening, it's still warm and the sun is starting to set. So what better way to finish off a great day at the beach or campsite than with a barby! If the smell of sizzling sausages and juicy burgers from the neighboring barbecuers is enough to tickle your tastebuds, why not consider purchasing a portable grill/stove and get cooking!

Sunnflair Barrel Grill Barbecue £19.99
Sunnflair Barrel Grill Barbeque

The Barrel Grill Barbecue has chrome plated grids making it perfect for easy cooking. It has a carry handle for portability and also a locking system so you can carry it when it's full, and store it away easily.

Sunnflair Barrel Grill Barbecue £19.99
This neat little grill barbecue is perfect for cooking at a festival, at the campsite or at the beach. The raised legs will protect the ground from the barbecues heat

With the split grill layout, there's no need to use up a lot of charcoal for a smaller barbecue- for a larger cooking area, fill both sides!

Looking for a larger stove, with multiple features and ultra fast cooking time to feed your family full of hungry bellys? Check out the impressive Campingaz 600 ST Stove, a must have for the serious campers amongst us.

Campingaz 600 ST Stove £129.99

From delicious cooked breakfasts to hearty family meals, campsite cooking is easier than ever with this stove. You can heat a kettle and sauce pan simultaneously thanks to the two powerful and independently-adjustable Xcelerate burners. The additional infrared grill is perfect for preparing toast.

Super-fast boil times and superior gas economy in breezy conditions are guaranteed thanks to the stove’s innovative Xcelerate Technology. And because of its convenient telescopic legs, the stove can be positioned to the perfect height.

When you're out and about in the hot weather, it's really important to stay hydrated. Whether you're out on a hike or trek, spending the day at the beach or just relaxing around the campsite, ensuring you drink enough throughout the day will help prevent you getting dehydrated, which could have potentially serious consequences. Dehydration can lead to loss of strength, stamina and concentration, so if you're active during the day and the weather is warm, keeping a drinks bottle on you at all times is essential.
Lifeventure Tritan Bottle 650ml £7.99

The Lifeventure Tritan Bottle 650ml is impact resistant, BPA free, and the strong material doesn't retain tastes or odours. Its incredibly easy to keep clean and refill with its large neck and removable screw top. The added air-hole at the top makes drinking smoother and gulp free. It comes in 3 different colours; pink, blue and grey, and features an easy measuring guide on the side of the bottle so you can see the volume of liquid.

The Collapsible Water Container from Sunnflair will hold 15 litres of water, enough to keep you and your family hydrated whilst on the campsite. The container is made of heavy duty polyethylene, it has study handles and fold flat for compact storage. Ideal for all outdoor activities.

Sunnflair Collapsible Water Container 15L £5.99

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