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Rab Strata Product Review

Rab Strata Jacket

Rab Strata Vest Men's £84.99
The Rab Strata range has been very much designed for users that are very active, in colder conditions, these garments handle the cold but regulate the body temperature when the user starts to get hotter whilst active. The Strata range is made up of a Hoodie, Jacket and Vest, which gives the user a layer option depending on the weather conditions they're facing.

Rab have taken brand new Polartec Alpha® insulation and combined it with a 20 denier Pertex Microlight outer fabric in the Strata range of products. Not only do these features provide wind and water resistance, but they also allow a very small through-flow of air to maximise breathability and comfort.

Rab Strata Jacket Men's 118.99

The Strata Jacket is lightweight and can be easily compressed, perfect for throwing in your pack for an insulation top or mid layer during harsh conditions. The Jacket can also work as an outer layer in cold and dry conditions. If you wear the Rab Strata Jacket in cool, changeable weather conditions, then you'll be able to benefit from its insulation and breathability whether you're at rest or on the move. 

Looking for increased movement and flexibility, but still want ultimate bodily warmth? Check out Rab's Strata Vest- a lightweight vest that sets a new standard in synthetic insulation. An ideal outer layer in dry and chilly conditions.

Rab Strata Hoodie
Rab's Strata range has a stylish appearance and comes in a range of different colours, an excellent option for any mountaineer, alpine climber, mountain walker or for any activist where warmth and breathability are a top priority!

Penrose Outdoors' Staff member Ed took the Rab Strata Hoodie with him on a kayaking trip and you can see what he thought of the product in the review above. The Strata Hoodie acts as an outer layer in cold and dry condition, but equally it can be layered under a shell if conditions vary.  

"The Rab Strata Hoodie is designed to be used as a stop-start insulation wear jacket.  It is intended to be able to be worn both during active use, and to keep you warm (to a degree) when stationary, without having to constantly keep putting the garment on and taking it off. I tested the jacket over several days.  First, I intentionally wore the jacket when perhaps it was strictly too warm to wear one, however I wanted to test the claim about high breathability and wind-proofness.  I deliberately wore a rucksack to see how the jacket managed my back getting too warm.  My back did get damp beneath the mesh rucksack back support, but I did not feel the wind through the jacket when I removed the rucksack.  The jacket did appear very very breathable, and I did not chill when I chose to sit in the wind on a cliff top.  I liked the cuff design, with it's flat, broad elastic. It is more comfortable than older round 'elasticated' type cuffs.  Also the cuffs will not get in the way or snag (like an adjustable cuff) if the hoodie is worn as a mid layer beneath an outer jacket. I also wore the jacket when camping during a kayak trip in France in May.  Although it wasn't cold, there was a cool breeze.  The jacket was warm and comfortable when used whilst sitting stationary in camp.  Admittedly, although the jacket is not intended for use after water sport, it was difficult to put on with wet hands.  This was caused by the inner sleeve fabric sticking to wet hands while trying to don the jacket.  I liked the outer fabric being soft and quiet, and the subdued, understated colour. In summary; Likes; the jacket does appear very very breathable and provides a good level of insulation when stationary for short periods, as claimed by Rab.  Dislikes; The hood fastening system is fiddly, it is awkward to use while walking"

If you're looking for a ladies alternative, have a look at the Rab Vapour-rise Lite Jacket, which is really similar to the Strata range- feature wise and in appearance! 

Vapour-rise Lite is a summer weight soft shell jacket for multi-activity use. The Vapour-rise Lite is an extremely versatile jacket that offers light insulation with wind and rain resistance. This makes it an ideal outer layer, or mid-layer with a waterproof shell for high energy activities such as mountain running and cycling.

Rab Vapour-rise Light Jacket £101.99

The Pertex® Equilibrium fabric used in the Vapour-rise Lite Jacket offers high levels of breathability and unparalleled moisture management properties, guaranteeing comfort across a wide range of conditions and activities.  
Rab Vapour-Rise Lite Alpine Jacket £124.99

This lightweight Vapour-rise Alpine softshell jacket uses Pertex® Equilibrium fabric and lightweight tricot lining to make an incredibly breathable and weather resistant 'soft-shell' system that really works! A great female alternative to Rab's Men's Strata range.

Rab continue to push the limits of breathability to give their customers maximum comfort and protection from the elements. We look forward to seeing what they bring out next.

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